Sell through Bangladesh’s Best and Trusted Reseller Platform

Our resellers can boost your business through many customers.

Why Sell through UDDOM?


UDDOM planning to be the largest distribution network of Resellers for last mile delivery to the customers.

Delivery Support

Uddom takes care of shipping and delivery so you can focus on your core business

Quick & Secure Payments

UDDOM charges commission after you make a sale and provides payments in time.

Account Manager

UDDOM provides you a dedicated account manager to grow your sales exponentially

Lowest Returns

UDDOM has very less returns therefore you get more profit on your products.

How it works?

Complete Registration Form

Complete our online registration form and submit it. One of our executives will contact you.

UDDOM Delivery

UDDOM provides quick and convenient pick-up and delivery across Bangladesh. You need to do packing of the products.

List Products On UDDOM

UDDOM team helps you to list your products on UDDOM. You can upload the products any time.

Receive Your Earnings

UDDOM will deposit your payments directly to your bank account, even within a few days of shipping the orders.

Order Receiving

As your products go live on the UDDOM Reseller App, our Resellers share them with their Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Imo contacts, you will start receiving orders immediately.