UDDOM is a technology platform, connecting young entrepreneurs to deliver products, services, and solutions to urban and rural communities and transforms local initiative to the enterprise. UDDOM generates decent job that contributes to alleviate poverty, engage young entrepreneurs to overcome the problem of inconsistent and inadequate last-mile delivery issue. Furthermore, it enhances capacity building, creates deliverable demand in unserved markets, manages inventory, exhibits product catalogs, and settles sales as well.

The project aims to create an entrepreneur ecosystem, using paperless transaction & communication through SMART platform and financing with digital working capital supports to young entrepreneurs and promoting Women Entrepreneurs Development Opportunities (WEDO). All these efforts are promoted towards the social and economic development and sustainability of lively hood.

UDDOM Reseller

UDDOM Reseller gives the opportunity of additional income generation using technology and mobile app-based marketplace or social-commerce platform for Resellers, who sell products online through social media (e.g., Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Imo, etc.). It will work with all Resellers doing business all over Bangladesh, UDDOM Reseller helps them grow their online business by providing,

• Hit products at the Lowest prices
• Best Quality with Easy Return policy
• Doorstep Delivery all over Bangladesh
• Online & COD Payment Options

Considering the post COVID19 situation in Bangladesh, where thousands of people may lose their job, this platform can be a trusted and most demanding freelancing platform for them.
On the other hand, from the seller’s/suppliers point of view, as they lose many of their fixed paid supply workers, they can be able to depend on this platform to continue their supply to the consumer with a flexible variable cost.